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Evening surf at Pacific Beach, San Diego.  Shot from Crystal Pier, October 2014.

New Found Glory - “Understatement”

Playing at the House Of Blues, San Diego on 3rd October 2014.  And sounding as invigorating as they ever did.  Change is good!

Guardians Of The Galaxy.  Phew, it really is as good as the hype had it.  And this generation has its Han Solo.  Go see.  At least twice.

Reel Big Fish playing in Bath at Komedia on the 14th July 2014 - and proving how they dominate all music styles.  Truly, MASTERS.  Find more here.

Edge Of Tomorrow is an excellent and smart sci-fi film.  Tom Cruise nicely underplays his role, turning down the charm a notch or two and the logic to the story pretty much holds together.  At least, I didn’t spot any gaping holes on the first sit through, which is all you can ask for when a films premise is based on a time loop.

Plus they didn’t set it in the USA.  What a pleasant relief to find a film set in the UK, France and Germany.  Although not an overt point, to find the vistas different is a refreshing change.  Top film, worth a watch or two.  I’m going to see it again, see if it plays out differently as I restart the day.

CJ Wildheart “Down The Drain”.  First song and video from the upcoming album “Mable”.  It’s setting the bar very high, I can’t wait to hear the rest.  Buy the album (and get some of CJ’s hot sauce) here.

My new wallet from Bellroy.  Looks great, feels great, works great.  But it’s just a wallet, I hear you cry.  Yes, it is.  But somehow, it is just… better.

Click through the photo to buy one.  Tell them I sent you.

On the face of it this is simply yet another “guide to management” book, swimming in an ocean of similarly snappy prosed, vague and ultimately useless books.

But it isn’t, not by a long way.  Written by Ed Catmull, who is the true founding father of Pixar and the leader of the successes of Pixar (despite what his modesty would have you believe), it’s an insight into how Pixar became what it is.  A byword for quality, a guarantee that a film is worth your time and money.

It tells the tale of how Pixar came into being and the internal company journey that led to today and its future direction and with that as the spine of the book, fleshes out all the management and leadership skills, thoughts, processes and perhaps most importantly, behaviours that drove it.

The joy of the book is that there’s all sorts of hints and tips the average Joe Employee can take into his workplace, told in such an engaging manner that it demands to be swallowed in one sitting.

So much like Pixar films, this book is exceptional and different to the herd it finds itself in.  Yes, it’s a “guide to management” book but more importantly it’s as engaging as any page-turner fiction book that demands you read just one more line (page, chapter) before you put it down.  Bravo, Mr Catmull.  Bravo.  And can I have a sequel please?

Alkaline Trio - “Mr Chainsaw”

Small clip of Alkaline Trio playing live in Bristol on April 25th 2014.  One of the best shows I’ve seen them play.  Improving with age?

Deadbolt by Skaters.  My personal favourite from their début album “Manhattan”.  A US/UK band who call New York home with definite undertones of The Strokes but nicely brought up to date.  It’s good stuff and having caught them live in Bristol, I can confirm they put on a killer show.  More please.

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