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Deadbolt by Skaters.  My personal favourite from their début album “Manhattan”.  A US/UK band who call New York home with definite undertones of The Strokes but nicely brought up to date.  It’s good stuff and having caught them live in Bristol, I can confirm they put on a killer show.  More please.

New album from Against Me!  Verdict?  It’s ‘kin great.  But it doesn’t sound like Against Me!, it sounds like Laura Jane Grace.  And that’s kinda OK as it reflects a person on a journey.  So, the new Against Me!  And it’s fine by me.  Watch a live performance here

This.  Above anything else.  This.  Watch Archer, possibly the funniest programme there is on this or any other planet.

Thankful for a few things today, but mostly that the first new album from Less Than Jake for aaaaages came out.  And even more thankful that they nailed it.  It sounds like Less Than Jake!  Which is very important.  Happy ears, smiling face, bouncing feet.  Bring on the UK tour, might have to get me some show tickets.

Roman Baths at dusk

Hey! Hello! “Swimwear”

Latest official video from the NY/UK duo Hey! Hello!  And no, if you don’t know who the brains behind the operation is by now, I’m not telling you.  Buy the album though, it’s all about the next level.

Pacific Rim

Quite simply, the best film of the summer (so far, but I don’t see anything coming up to beat it).  It takes a special kind of sanity to create something this bonkers, meaning it could only be the work of Guillermo del Toro, one of my favourites.  Plus it’s got Charlie Day from “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” in the cast.  Can’t ask for more than that.  Go see!

Can’t wait to try some of the recipes from this book.  All about keeping it local.

Latest sounds from the ex. Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin main man Andrew McMahon, now operating under his own moniker.  Not too surprisingly, it sounds a lot like his old bands but if anything, a super distilled essence of those bands.  And that’s a good thing.

The Gaslight Anthem, Bristol, 22nd March 2013.  A perfect way to start the weekend.

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